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The Music Development Agency is the fastest growing platform where music and business meet, forming a powerful synergy fueled by technology to propel unmatched growth for musicians, music creators and consumer brands.

Bringing structure to music.


We imagined a place where musicians and music creators had a support structure that truly nurtures their talent to create the best music they can ever create; a platform drenched in music culture and yet understand the business world of return on investment to enable music creators and brands to collaborate without friction to harness the power of music to reach their goals. And The Music Development Agency was born.

Strategic partnerships to maximize opportunities


To provide an infrastructure capable of fluently navigating both the music ecosystem centered around music rights, as well as the world of business with focus on return on investment to help musicians, music creators, and consumer brands develop and implement effective music strategy to connect, engage, and build long-lasting bonds with fans and consumers.

team tailored specific to project.


We are all about the music.  If the music isn't great, if the fans don't love it, nothing else matters. Whether you're a musician, a music creator or a consumer brand; your music strategy must be built upon a strong foundation of commercially-viable music that truly connects with fans.  Hence, our process begins with carefully selecting experienced producers and songwriters for your project based on target audience, message, genre and application to develop the right music for you.


For Music Creators

We build a team of experienced professionals around you and create opportunities through production, publishing, licensing, brand partnerships, marketing and promotion to help you monetize and grow your music career.

For Music Pros

Whether you're an record label, artist manager, publicist, promoter or A&R; let's collaborate on developing and implementing an effective strategy to give your artist(s) an edge in this competitive music market.

For Brands

We weave your brand message seamlessly into people’s lives, in all of the places they naturally engage with music to ensure your message is reaching your audience when and where they're most receptive to effect organic growth.

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Delivering quality product through proven industry professionals.
  • Producers
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  • Songwriters
  • Musicians
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Music Producers

Here at The Music Development Agency, we have credible industry producers working side by side with the artist in the studio. We select the right music producers with our artist depending on the sonic texture, genre and target audience the artist is looking for. The artist gets a chance to see the production from the beginning stages all the way to the final mix and master. We think its important that our artist get the chance to work with the entire team. They then can fine tune and understand what elements they like in the production tailored to their specific taste. Our producers have experience working with a range of grammy award winning artists such as Chris Brown, Wiz Kahlifa, Chrisette Michele, Amber Rose and many more.


Our engineers work along with the artist to help capture quality sound. We select our sound, mixing and mastering engineers with the artist depending on the sonic texture the artist is looking to accomplish. The engineer will help guide the artist to get the best performance. When we are finished recording the vocals, the engineer will give a rough mix to listen to before the final mix. The artist sits in with the engineer as the track is being mixed and can add creative input. Our engineers have worked with a range of artist including Asap Rocky, Ty Dolla Sign, Flo Rida, Neo and many more.

Songwriters / Vocal Producers

We pride ourselves on providing the perfect songwriters to our artists. We match our songwriters according to what genre, target audience, message and style the artist needs. The vocal producer is there to help guide the artist during the performance of the recording. The writer/vocal producer works with the artist from brainstorming the concept to writing the lyrics and melody until the final recording. Our vocal producers have worked with a range of artist including Fetty Wap, Miley Cyrus, Justine Skye, Atlantic Records and many more.


We have a great number of musicians to choose from to bring a live feeling to our records. We have musicians such as string sections, full orchestra, opera vocalists, guitar players, drummers, basses (classical and electric), horn section and many more. We bring in musicians when a record needs a more live feel or to accent an emotion we are trying to create in the production. Adding live instruments is always a good way to make the record sound bigger and create a live effect for the listener. We have a range of musicians who are experienced studio professional to help bring our vision to life.


In addition to our well known in-house studio, we also work out of other top of the line studios in Manhattan. We decide which studio to use based on what equipment and space is needed to get the best quality. Here at The Music Development Agency we guarantee top of the line quality on every project we work on. We give the artist a chance to get the same advantage in quality as the top professionals have in the industry. The studios we work out of are where many legendary artist and albums where recorded such as Michael Jackson, Cold Play, Notorious B.I.G., Tupac,Justin Beiber, Taylor Swift, U2 and many more.

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Music is an experience that evokes emotions. Rather than “telling” consumers about your brand, we let them ``experience`` it within relevant influence and context of music. Our passion is to identify existing and create new opportunities within the context of music to propel the success of our partner brands.


A fast-growing resource for the music community to learn, share, inform and be informed about topics relevant to today's music scene.

You have your music done but you want to make money from it. What are the best places to go to that will get the job done and let you keep the royalties?

The ways people listen to music are different, causing a change in music production. How do you get that perfect hook that keeps everyone listening?

Artists from Pink Floyd to Miley Cyrus have created an image. How did they use it as a music strategy and continue to reinvent themselves?


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