4 Ways To Have A Successful Music Career With A New Generation of Listeners

Building a music career geared towards the new generation of listeners can be hard, or is it? These four steps can make your career all you've wanted. 

Much of what we spawn as musicians begins as so much organized doodling, and expands into something mature and perfected. Yet who decides how much of our handiwork is worthwhile, and how much of it is undistinguished? In the end, it is the public who arbitrates our music career future. How can you interest a new generation of listeners in your expressive harvest and build your music career? Connect with their hearts, and don’t underestimate the effectiveness of good old-fashioned form.

Relate-able Lyrics

What breaks your spirit, mends it and makes it skyrocket over your everyday universe will do the same for others.  If the words are substantive and cohesive, fans will latch on to the message and the theme of the song, in addition to the musical hook. If the text is disjointed and seems to meander past a particular position or experience, you may lose the listener due to confusion or impatience. Words that rhyme are more sonorous and memorable, and a younger audience can really connect with lyrics that validate their unique battles and hopes. What about your latest love was devastating, what filled you with optimism, and what was an unspoiled lesson learned? Dreaming teens and twenty-somethings will be inspired by it.

Watch Your Form

Simple strophic verse-chorus-verse forms are the most effective. The younger generation wants to know that whatever words galvanize them, whatever guitar riffs kindle them, and whatever melody sends them will be returning in short order. Keep the best parts of your song reappearing, with a contrasting bridge that extends the theme of the tuneful poetry. There is a reason why The Beatles sold so many albums after they were told by a producer that “guitar bands are on the way out.” There is something satisfactory and delicious about a standard form when it is done right.

Send It Around

Search up community and college radio stations that play your genre of music, and send them a copy of your CD. Ask an artistic friend to help design the case, as something eye-catching will be more likely to stand out in a pile of submissions. As with anything else, do not be dispirited by rejections. Many musicians with exemplary careers started off on pebbly roads. It is confidence in your unique gift that will keep you thriving in the face of adversity.

Post Your Music on Sites Like Youtube and Soundcloud

Covering songs that others might be looking for is a great way to get a new generation of listeners to hear your band’s color and tonality on Youtube. Make sure your own music is visually appealing by making lyric videos or depicting a compelling drama during your song. Tagging others in your posts through social media will increase the chance that they get clicked and shared. Also, sites like Soundcloud invite musicians to share their new songs with public or private audience for immediate feedback.  

Building a music career geared towards the new generation is about more than just pizzazz. It necessitates an engaging online presence, a soulful message, and certainty in your singular artistry. In short, you have everything it takes.  


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