Breaking: Robert Knight, of “Everlasting Love” Fame, Passes Away

On November 5th, Robert Knight, best known for originally recording the classic "Everlasting Love", passed away in his home in Tennessee.

Singer, Robert Knight, passed away yesterday at 72 years old. Knight was best known for originally recording the surprise and now immortalized classic, “Everlasting Love”. He died at his home in Tennessee after battling a short and undisclosed illness.

Many have been mourning the death of Knight on Twitter including musician, Simon Price.

Knight was born in Franklin, Tennessee in 1945 and studied Chemistry at Tennessee State University before being discovered singing at a fraternity at Vanderbilt University. Shortly thereafter, he was introduced to Singer/Songwriter/Producer Buzz Cason, who penned Knight’s most famous hit. Cason had initially intended a different song to be Knight’s first single, with “Everlasting Love” being an afterthought tacked on at the end of a recording session. Lo and behold, the song went on to become a massive hit that has since gone on to be recorded by a wide range of artists from Gloria Estefan to U2.

In the midst of racial turmoil during the 1960s in the south, Knight was notable for working in integrated bands and collaborating with white musicians when it was still widely regarded as taboo to do so. Along with its enduring catchiness, “Everlasting Love” was significant as a hit collaboration between a white songwriter and a black artist during a time and place where such collaboration was hard to come by.

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