Why Every Brand Today Must Have a Music Strategy

Music is considered a universal language, brands who implement a music strategy into their marketing scheme can expect great benefits

Music is often described as a universal language. Throughout history, Humans have communicated through using music; even before we learned how to communicate by speaking to one another. That being said, brands can without a doubt benefit from implementing a music strategy into their marketing scheme. Marketing has become more personal than ever in the last 10 years, music is now giving brands an opportunity to establish an intense connection with their consumers.

Music is a powerful way of connecting with people, which makes it even more important as a marketing tool. Current streaming technology and music choices create infinite possibilities for consumers to engage through their target audience. Most markets choose to focus on what people see with their eyes, and not what they hear. However, multiple studies have concluded that we currently live in a generation where music can cut through the clutter of the mind and get through to people in a way regular marketing can’t do.

Advertisers constantly struggle to come up with new and exciting ways to reach audiences without seeming desperate or like an inconvenience. However, with music being the ‘soundtrack to people’s lives’, marketing teams must take advantage of the new-found advantages of music.

People listen to music on their way to work/school, at the gym, in the car and even while working. There are infinite benefits of listening to music. Brands can definitely benefit from implementing music into their marketing schemes.

How can marketers benefit from these techniques?

  • If working in a retail store, try playing music that seems appropriate to the audience your goods/services targets. For example, if your goods are targeted more towards millennials; try playing some up-beat tunes that your consumers will find somewhat relatable. This will promote a safe and happy environment in your store that consumers will find comforting.
  • Songs create memories. If you were to discover a new song in a store/marketing event that you’d never heard before and it ‘spoke to you’, then you’re now going to think of that store/event whenever you hear that song. Therefore, making that customer think back to when they were in your store – creating more business.
  • A mistake that most music strategies have is the issue of personalization. The marketing team isn’t focused on what songs they need in order to get through to their target audience. Instead, they might be focused on a new song they liked, pushing those songs out instead of the ones they really need.
  • Advertisers may choose to implement their own messages in-between songs without interrupting the environment they have created.

Music and the way it’s delivered to us has changed drastically in the past decade with the introduction of iTunes, YouTube, Spotify and .mp3 files. However, in today’s media environment brands have the opportunity to break through the ‘tough times’ and use these new and popular music delivery systems to their advantage. In order to make this an effective technique, brands must stream content that they understand will be authentic, non-offensive, engaging and entertaining to their target audience.

Music has always been known as the universal language of mankind, and with the right tools it can also be the universal language of marketing. Music is without a doubt one of the most important features consumers look for when shopping. You’re less likely to buy something if you’re surrounded by an eerily odd silence in a store. Music has powerful properties, and when used correctly can determine how well we retain certain information. So, if you want your branding to be memorable, implementing a well thought-through music strategy seems to be the way to go.




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