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Artists / Musicians Questions

Everything about us centers around the music. Our philosophy is if the music isn’t great, if the fans don’t love it, nothing else matters. As an artist; your music career must be built upon a strong foundation of commercially-viable music that truly connects with fans. Hence, our process begins with carefully selecting a team of experienced producers, songwriters, mixing and mastering engineers, vocal coaches, project manager for your project based on target audience, message, genre and application to work with you in a world-class studio to create the best music you can ever create. Once we’ve the record(s), putting it in the hands of tastemakers and fans will be our next step. We do so though our Music Showcasing program, which include tours, listening sessions, publishing and licensing, distribution, radio interviews et cetera. The purpose of our Music Showcasing program is to help the artist career progress in various ways such as building a fan base, getting a major label deal, getting an independent label deal, getting private investment and more.
To get started, register,complete your profile and tell us more about your project here.

No. We work with musicians and music creators from all backgrounds and genres.

You may submit your single or album project for consideration by registering and complete your artist profile here. After you complete your profile, tell us about your project here. Our Music Supervisors will assess your profile and project details to find the best match from brands looking to collaborate with artists.

Sponsored project could mean different things in this context; but primarily, it is when an artist have an arrangement whereby a brand carries the costs of producing a single or an album in exchange for some sort of in-context brand promotion.

Brands Questions

Register as a brand and complete your brand profile. This will help us understand your brand more. Then contact us telling us about your goals, your company, and what you would like help with from @TheMusicDA.

Yes. Although our team in the Brand Partnership program comes from a branding, marketing and advertising backgrounds, we’re not a marketing team. but we can work with your in-house or external marketing team to integrate your music strategy into your brand’s overall marketing strategy. We’ll be responsible for formulating a music strategy that aligns with your marketing goals and implement it in tandem with your marketing team.

Whilst opportunities abound for music and consumer brand partnerships, careful planning and an adequate infrastructure to support such relationships and business opportunities is fundamental to attaining more successful partnerships. Without such, misunderstanding and frustration on both sides often leads to an inability for the bigger commercial benefits of fan and consumer integration to be missed. Through our Music Partnership program, we’ll help you formulate your music strategy – how can your brand in particular effectively harness the power of music to grow your brand. That strategy may include developing your brand music/sonic identity, artist alignment and collaboration/partnership, sponsored projects, in-context advertising, media integration such lyrics and/or music videos, music events such as festivals, tours; music activation activities.

Music Blogger Questions

By exposing your work to large and relevant audiences. Articles from our writers are featured not only in our blog, but also in our partner blogs as well as social media. Some selected articles are actually featured in our paid content marketing for @TheMusicDA and our partners.

Music Creators Questions

We provide opportunity for emerging music creators to gain experience by allowing them to shadow established counterparts during projects as interns. If you are interested, register, complete your profile and contact us.

You’d need to register and complete your profile, indicating whether you are a producer, songwriter, engineer, vocal coach and make sure you include the Track IDs of your best track on SoundCloud or YouTube. Once your profile is 100% complete, click the “Verify Me”. Our Music Supervisors will assess your profile, your music and verify your credits. If successfully verified, you will be invited to current, upcoming and all projects in the future that you will be matched with. Bear in mind that we match music pros based on genre and past experience.

No. We work with musicians and music creators from all backgrounds and genres.

Music Promotions Questions

Our policy is simple: if you are not satisfied with the results, we’ll give you your money back.

  • After you sign up, our Operations Manager will get in touch with you within 48 business hours to schedule an interview with our team, including Music Director, Publicist, Marketing Manager depending on the service level. The meeting can be done in-person at our offices in New York City or on conference call. At the meeting, our team will gather information about you and your project, as well as your goals and timeline.
  • Our team will go and do more research on the current state of your music and develop a strategy to get the best results in relation to your goals. After which, we’ll have another meeting with you to present and get approval of the strategy.
  • Once approved, implementation begins. During implementation, you’ll have progress report meetings at set intervals based on the project.
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