How @TheMusicDA Can Help Grow Your Music Career

The music industry has changed significantly over the last decade or two. Technology has made the media accessible to artists at all levels, making the music industry extremely competitive. As a result, making good music alone is no longer enough for artists to sustain their careers. Artists have to find new ways to earn supplemental revenue to sustain their music careers.

Also, gone are the days when record labels used to spend tonnes of money developing artists and their music for the market. Nowadays, artists are expected to already have commercially-viable music and a decent fan base before labels even consider signing them. As a result many talented and deserving artists are losing out due limited resources, experience, support structure to properly develop their music and career.

Given this scenario in the music industry, we imagined a place where artists/musicians and music creators had a support structure that truly nurtures their talent to create the best music they can ever create; a place where music creators could find the resources to help nurture, sustain and grow their careers. So we created The Music Development Agency. With a team made up of music industry professionals, modern marketing gurus, top 10 percentile technologists, astute business strategists and a platform like no other; @TheMusicDA is surely transforming the music industry.

In our quest to help musicians and music creators, our services include:

1. Music Development – transforming artists ideas into commercially viable music.
For any artist to build a long-lasting music career, they need a strong foundation built upon commercially-viable music. (See Music Development: The Foundation for Building Longevity) For this reason, artists come to us with ideas for their projects i.e single or album. We carefully select a team of experienced producers, songwriters, audio engineers, vocal coaches and every other professional needed based on target audience, genre, message, sonic identity et cetera; all guided by a project manager working in the same world class studios grammy-winning artists work from. The goal here is to provide the artists with an adequate support structure such that they can simply focus on their music and create the best music they can ever create without any distractions.

Note: We’re always welcoming producers, songwriters, audio engineers, vocal coaches and all music creators to join our network of music creators, from which we select to be part of our projects. If you interested, you may join here.

2. Copyrighting, Publishing & Licensingprotecting artists work and earnings.
We help artists copyright and publish their music with Performance Rights Organizations to make sure that your music is protected and you get paid whenever your music is licensed. Also, we take a proactive approach to licensing by submitting our music catalogs to film, games, advertising, music supervisors and licensing agency partners.

3. Music Distribution, Showcasing, Promotion – discovering and creating opportunities to advance artists careers.
What good is music if nobody hears it? That is the basis of our music showcasing program. With that in mind, we use our platforms to present artists and their music to various audiences as a means to create opportunities for artists to get feedback, grow a fan base, monetize their music, gain experience and consequently grow their music career. Such platforms include distribution, tours, festivals, networking events, sponsored events, meet & greet, listening sessions, and more. We also have a growing and curated social media and blog platforms that can help push your music to fans.

4. Brand & Music Partnerships – helping artists sustain, monetize and grow their careers.
In this day and age where many artists are struggling to sell enough of their music to sustain their livelihood and career, they realize that they need to find new ways to generate revenue. Savvy and especially more established artists are tapping into brand partnerships not only as a source of that supplemental revenue, but also to help them achieve their career goals. (See When Bands Meet Brands: The Mutual Benefits of Music Partnerships) With the right strategy and execution, emerging/up-and-coming artists and music creators can also take advantage of brand partnerships to grow their careers. Careful planning on both artist and brand side and an adequate infrastructure to support such relationships and business opportunities is fundamental to attaining more successful partnerships. Hence, The Music Development Agency helps artists prepare for brand partnerships, match them with the right brands and formulate and implement strategy to make sure artists get the most out of such partnerships. (See How can artists build a successful partnership strategy to interest brands.)

So you ask, “What exactly can @TheMusicDA for for me? How can I get started?”.

As you can imagine, every artist/musician or music creator is at a different level in their music career and have different strengths and areas where they need help with the most. Some artists and music creator needs help starting with their music, hence our Music Development services; some need help growing their fanbase, hence our Music Showcasing and Promotion services, and some maybe in need with connecting and working with brands and sponsors, hence our Brand Partnership services. For that reason, our approach is not a “one-size-fits-all”, but one tailored to cater specifically to each client, in consideration to the level they are at with their music. For that reason, we first need to assess the artist or musician or music creator to have an idea of who they are and where they are in their career. We do this by first looking at your profile your created or should register in our system. (Learn more How To Register, Complete Your Profile and Submit It For Verification) and Register Here.

Once your account has been verified, you may get started by telling us about your project(s), what you think you need help with and what your goals are. (Tell Us About Your Project Note: link only works when logged in.) Our team will check your profile and do research about you and your music to determine your current fan base, your current commercial-viability of your music itself, your current music brand status, among other things. We’d contact you once this process is completed to discuss your goals, our recommendations, strategy, process, cost involved (if any), timeline.

Please note that e collaborate with all music professionals, including music creators such as artist/musician, instrumentalist, producer, songwriter, audio engineer, vocal coach and music tastemaker or professional such as DJ, A&R, booking agent, choreographer, label executive, music blogger, music supervisor, music promoter, artists manager, music attorney, PR/publicists et cetera If you are any of the above, please feel free to Register.

See guide on how to register here.

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