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Music Partnerships Done Right To Propel Growth of Your Brand.

Promoting your brand, products or service to your target audience can be exciting, yet overwhelmingly daunting; especially in today’s cluttered media environment where more and more brands are competing for the attention of the same audience. In order to be effective, brands must create a constant stream of compelling content that is authentic, engaging, and entertaining.

On the other hand, music always had and still has the power to connect with people on an deep and emotional level; hence it has proven to be a very effective portal for brands to reach, connect and build long-lasting relationships with their target audience.

We, at The Music Development Agency, have built a Music Strategy platform that enables brands to engage the music community in an effective, efficient, organized approach, with special focus on return on investment for both brands and musicians. Through this program, we foster and implement sustainable partnerships and collaborations between brands and musicians/music creators in order to help them effectively reach, connect and engage consumers and fans. Our goal is to make sure that both parties get the most out of the partnership. We do so by first matching up the right brand with the right musician/music creator, then make sure that each party's objectives and expectations are clearly defined and trackable, and then identify new and creative market opportunities in the music industry to fulfill them. During the course of partnership, we foster an environment of collaboration, accountability through our unique approach that include shared risk, residual plus immediate benefits, as well as non-monetary added values. Through our proprietary tools, we track, analyze, and report on those metrics clearly defined in our benchmarks to quantify the return on investment for both parties.

Brand Onboarding

Increase brand visibility and awareness.

Rather than “telling” your target audience about your brand, we integrate it into natural platforms such as events, tours so consumers experience it.

Brand Onboarding

Create engaging content.

Creating constant stream of compelling, engaging, and entertaining content. Give your brand an interesting story to tell to the audience.

Brand Onboarding

Make your brand relevant.

We align your brands with the right events, artists, or projects to give personality to your brand to help help reinforce your brand’s values.

Brand Onboarding

Build authentic connections.

Providing your brand with platforms that feels natural to create authentic connections with consumers by enabling them to experience your brand at an emotional level.

Brand Onboarding

Take advantage of our global & national distribution

Our network enables to distribute content to over thousands of journalists and bloggers, hundreds of thousands of subscribers, as well as over half a billion reach on social media.

Let consumers experience your brand.

Music is an experience that evokes emotions. Rather than “telling” consumers about your brand, we let them "experience" it within relevant influence of music.

Create new branding opportunities.

Our passion behind our Brand Partnerships program is to identify existing and create new opportunities within the context of music to propel the success of our partner brands.

Create compelling content.

We have a large network of top professionals who work hands on to create compelling content that is optimized for effectively engaging the target audience.

Enhance brand loyalty.

Our context-relevant, experiential-based approach creates long-lasting emotional connections between brands and consumers, which results in stronger brand loyalty.



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