Looking for Male & Female Artists – Jewelry Brand Sponsored Project

@TheMusicDA in collaboration with one of our partner brand; a large jewelry designer and manufacturer are looking to sponsor a single with a music video for summer 2017. We’re looking for two music artists; one female pop and one male pop/hip hop artist to partner on this project.

Here are the requirements for this project:

1. Open to artists from anywhere in the world. However, if you are from outside the U.S, you’ll be responsible for securing visa and traveling arrangements to the U.S.
2. Open to independent artists only. Artists signed to any label; whether Indie or Major are not eligible.
3. Although we’ll work on a single from scratch for this project, you must have at least one commercially-viable single in your portfolio that we can evaluate.
4. You must demonstrate a decent following and engagement for your music/name on social media and other music website such as YouTube, Soundcloud et cetera.
5. You must sign up and complete your profile here before submitting your application. All submission without a corresponding profile will be ignored.

What to expect on this project.

1. We’ll provide you with a team of experienced producers, songwriters, vocal producers, recording/mixing/mastering engineers, project manager with credits working with A-List artists to collaborate with you in a world class studio in New York City to create the single.
2. Once the single is finished, you will work with us and our video production partner to produce a music video for the song.
3. The single and video will be promoted on multiple platforms such as streaming (spotify, Apple Music), radio, YouTube, social media, et cetera.
4. And more…

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