Making The Most Of Music Promotion With Social Media & Connect With Your Fans

Social media is great music promotion as it allows artists to directly connect with their fans and build content. Now what're the steps to making it work?

In this day and age the internet can be one of your greatest tools to getting your music out there and gaining exposure all over the world. The internet can also have a disastrous effect on your career. However, with the right tools you can make sure your music promotion through the internet will build not only your career, but also your connection with your fans.

To get started, it is important to make a separate account for your public persona so that nothing that you do/post in your personal time will affect your professional life. Although you may not post anything too bad, you don’t have control over what your friends or family tag you in. Use your professional account solely for music promotion, post your music videos, any collaborations you are doing, etc. but also remember to be inviting and create content that make your fans feel like they really know you.

Second, hashtags are your friends! These can be one of the most powerful tools to music promotion because they will literally draw random people to your posts. Hashtag things like the music genre, platform (s) it’s available on and whatever area you are near. Hashtags are especially important on websites like Instagram and Twitter. Remember not to overuse though so it doesn’t overpower your actual post.

The next best thing that you should do in order to promote your music online is to keep an active presence. Try to post something at least once a day (if not more), even if it’s just a snippet of you playing an instrument or a video/picture on an old performance. By doing this you will continuously pop up on your followers feed and they will inevitably become curious about the girl/guy that is constantly posting new things.

The last step in making the most of the internet when it comes to music promotion is to interact with your fans! Even if you just have a few in the beginning be sure to follow them, like their pictures and answer their comments. This will get them talking to you about their friends and family, exactly what you want! Its important to remember that in the music industry, your fans are your strength so never take them for granted.

After everything, remember that although social media is an important tool to promoting your music don’t be afraid to have fun! Post a silly selfie or video of you doing everyday things so that your followers can relate to you!

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