The Mixing Tools That You Absolutely Need

Mixing music is an art and takes time to learn. Don't let it scare you, keep reading and let us help you figure out what you NEED!

Wondering where you should start when it comes to mixing your music? If it isn’t your music and you just want to learn so you can get a job you need somewhere to start as well. We have compiled a list of five essentials that we think you absolutely need for mixing to get started. Do remember learning how to mix music takes time, but, with determination you will only get better and go far!


This is what helps your volume levels. It helps adjust the levels of each track, groups of tracks or the mix altogether. The fader also creates a great blend, adds interest and movement to the song.


Which speaker are you hearing the music from? Left, right, in the center or is it elsewhere? Your music doesn’t also have to sound good in mono, but also stereo. Panning your tracks will maximize your stereo width and make your songs really sound bigger!


This is your use of your reverb to give a sense of space. This allows you to give depth to vocals and bring instrumental solos to life.


Your equalizer, which let’s you bring clarity to the songs you’re working on. Instead of your tracks working against one another, your equalizer let’s your tracks work together and blend well.


When used properly this allows you to really have clear vocals and adds to the overall sound of the instruments.

Take these tools and start working on them to become the mixer you want to be!

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