Music Copyright Done Online And In A Timely Way

Making sure your songs stay yours is important. Once done with your music, the next step is music copyright which is something you must know to get ahead.

Writing and recording your song and getting it to perfection can be hard, but once you’re there it’s the best feeling in the world. What’s next you may ask yourself or team? Well, what’s next is making sure you know how to music copyright what you have.

Step One: Once the song is recorded it is copyrighted, but you do have more steps in fully completing the copyrighting process.

Step Two: Head to the US government’s copyright website.  Here you register online at the electric online copyright office. Doing this step online helps process this in 4.5 months compared to when mailed in, it can take about 14-15 months.

Step Three: Register your FREE account: this will include you giving information to them which includes: name, address, country (if not from the USA), phone details, and preferred contact method. Once this account is opened you can continuously music copyright through here.

Step Four: Complete the online application: When you’re about to be done you will click on “Register a New Claim” under “Copyright Services,” which is located in the left hand column of your account. Be prepared to answer questions about yourself, the work you’re seeking to copyright and where you’d like the copyright certification to be sent.

Step Five: Pay the $35 dollar fee.

Step Six: Time to upload all of your work, electronically, most files will work but you can also check their site to make sure your file will go through.

Step Seven: Wait for your application to be processed. You can log back in whenever and check the status of your application.

Now, what are you waiting for? Start copyrighting your songs so no one else can take them and you’ll be even closer to your dream than you were before!

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