Music Development: The Foundation For Building Longevity

Success is an exciting prospect.; but how can a musician build a foundation for success and longevity in today’s highly competitive music market?

Success and longevity is an exciting prospect for any artist, yet achieving it in today’s highly competitive music market can be overwhelming. Nowadays, the media environment makes content a lot more personal for the target audience. So, why is it so hard for artists to get attention from their desired audience? Although technology has empowered artists to build direct relationships with their fans, this democratization has resulted in the music industry being over saturated with content. There is an apparent lack of direction, organization, and resources in the music development process making it difficult to break through this clutter and stay relevant. So how can an artist create longevity?


Find your sound.

Acknowledging the direction, message, style and how the artist wants to be perceived is the first step in music development. This is also essential to build a cohesive artist brand. A-Listers do this consistently. As a professional engineer for over a decade, I have seen too many talented artists who have worked on generic tracks that were written and produced for no particular artist. Fans today want more from an artist. They want to explore the life of the artist visually and sonically. A true care for craftsmanship and quality is the key to longevity in this game.

Understand the process.

In the good old lucrative music business days, the record labels sent out their A&R reps to find incredible talent and develop them into superstars. The labels provided the resources to develop the artist’s music as part of artist development. Today, artists are expected to create their own commercially-ready music before they sign with a major label. The challenge is understanding the process of getting an authentic sound. In order for an artist to have a cohesive sound for their brand, there are some essential resources that an artist needs.

  • Original production
  • Original lyrics and melody
  • A recording studio
  • A final mix
  • A final master.

Find the right team.

THEY SAY TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK!! When it comes to creating a sound, that statement is incredibly true. The most successful music throughout history went through multiple hands before it became a final product. Therefore, it is critical that an artist finds the right combination of professionals in order to achieve their sonic identity. Finding the right production team is a task that takes most artists numerous years and significant financial burden to accomplish. Such production teams include:

  1. Project Manager – Understands the brand of the artist. Helps artists with the overall direction, feel and execution of the project.
  2. Producer – Creates or directs the song and instrumentation.
  3. Songwriter – Develops the song concept, writes the lyrics and the melody.
  4. Vocal Producer – Guides and instructs the vocal performance during the recording session.
  5. Recording Engineer – Records and edits the artist’s or band’s performance.
  6. Mixing Engineer – Creates the song balance and separation. Creates the final edits.
  7. Mastering Engineer – Increases overall song loudness and balance.

But how?

But how exactly can an artist understand the sound they are looking for? From where can they find credible professionals to build a team? How can they get guidance in putting together the project? Given the lack of organization in the music industry and scarcity of resources for most artists, these are legitimate questions that artists face. There is no one place where artists can be guaranteed that their sound will be be developed into commercially-viable music. There needs to be an infrastructure in place that supports artists in creating their authentic and commercially-ready music from start to finish. Such an infrastructure is what The Music Development Agency provides.

The Music Development Agency is an ecosystem for artists and music professionals to grow, nurture and sustain their careers. The Music Development Agency has a network of professionals in music development, as well as partners in the music and entertainment industry working alongside artists and supporting them in creating and showcasing their music. It is a support system for artists to find their musical identity, develop their ideas into tangible commercially-viable music, as well as discover and leverage opportunities to monetize their brand.

The goal of The Music Development Agency is to take an artist idea and make it into tangible music that propels the success of that artist. (See how artists can leverage brand partnerships to earn non-traditional revenue.)

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