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We know from experience that it takes a team in order to create a hit record. Almost every hit record that you will ever find on billboard had a team involved behind the scenes to bring the vision to life. We, at The Music Development Agency provide that team from a variety of professionals in each position based on the genre, content, target audience, sonic texture, and message the artist is searching for to create that hit record. Once we evaluate what sound we want to aim for with the artist during the executive conceptualization, we begin to put together a team for the project.

In our music development program, we collaborate with the artist, first to determine the overall and creative direction of their project, and then select the best possible team of producers, engineers, songwriters, and project manager to guide the entire process. We handpick the best production team from our vast roster based on the genre, target audience, sonic texture, and message the artist is searching for. Once the creative team is in place, we then select a studio suitable for the project where the creative team collaborates with the artist under the guidance of the project manager. Our executive team along with the project manager evaluates the process every step of the way until a commercially-ready product is finalized.

With every production project, our teams consist of at least:


  1. A producer

Here at The Music Development Agency we have credible industry producers working side by side with the artist in the studio. We select the right producers with our artist depending on the sonic texture, genre and target audience the artist is looking for. The artist gets a chance to see the production from the beginning stages all the way to the final mix and master. We think it’s important that our artists get the chance to work with the producer. They then can fine tune and understand what elements they like in the production tailored to their specific taste. Our producers have experience working with a range of grammy award winning artist such as Chris Brown, Wiz Kahlifa, Chrisette Michele, Amber Rose and many more.


  1. A songwriter/Vocal arranger

We pride ourselves in providing the perfect songwriters and vocal producers to our artist. We select our songwriters according to what genre, target audience, message and style the artist needs. The vocal producer is there to help guide the artist during the performance of the recording.The writer/vocal producer works with the artist from brainstorming the concept to writing the lyrics and melody until the final recording. Our vocal producers have worked with a range of artist including Fetty Wap, Miley Cyrus, Justine Skye, Atlantic Records and many more.


iii. An audio engineer

Our engineers work along with the artist to help capture sound of the highest possible quality. We pair our engineers with the artist depending on the sonic texture the artist is looking to accomplish. The engineer will help guide the artist to get the best performance. When we are finished recording the vocals the engineer will give a rough mix to listen to before the final mix. The artist sits in with the engineer as the track is being mixed and can add creative input. Our engineers have worked with a range of artist including Asap Rocky, Ty Dolla Sign, Flo Rida, Neo and many more.


  1. Musicians

In addition, we have musicians in our network that we can provide to bring a live feeling to each song. We have a great number of musicians to choose from to bring a live feeling to our records. We have access to musicians such as string sections, full orchestra, opera vocalist, guitar players, drummers, basses (classical and electric), horn section and many more. We bring in musicians when a record needs a more live feel or to accent an emotion we are trying to create in the production. Adding live instruments is always a good way to make the record sound bigger and create a live effect for the listener. We have a range of musicians who are experienced studio professional to help bring our vision to life.


  1. Studios

We work out of top of the line studios all over the world. We decide which studio to use based on equipment and space needed to get the best quality, as well as the location of the project. Here at The Music Development Agency, we guarantee top of the line quality on every project we work on. We give the artist a chance to get the same advantage in quality as the top professionals have in the music industry. Our facility network include studios where many legendary artists and albums were recorded from such as Michael Jackson, Cold Play, Notorious B.I.G., Tupac,Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, U2 and many more.

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