Music Distribution in a Digital World

You have your music done but you want to make money from it. What are the best places to go to that will get the job done and let you keep the royalties?

There’s nothing more exciting than finishing a project you’ve started. Especially when that project happens to be an EP or LP. Now you want to understand music distribution so you can start making money. There’s many ways to go in the digital space, but you want to keep in mind that you always want to be making back most of your royalties. That means you’ll want to do your music distribution  homework before just signing up for any site. Also, do you want to put more into it by having that distribution company getting your music on iTunes, Tidal or even in commercials.

Before doing anything you’ll want to look through the sites on music distribution to help lead you in the right direction on what to do next with your music. We’ve created a great list for you that will give you sites to get your music on iTunes to how to make your music searchable.


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