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What good is your music if nobody hears it?

As an artist, musician or music creator, you probably already know by now that making good music alone is no longer enough to sustain and advance your career in a competitive and crowded music landscape technology ushered us in. You need to find the new “secret sauce” to cut through that clutter to reach, engage and build a fanbase. So you may ask,

“What is the new secret sauce and how can I use it to advance my music career or brand?”

That is the same question that led to the creation of The Music Development Agency (a.k.a @TheMusicDA)

“We imagined a place where musicians and music creators had a support structure that nurtured their talent to create the best music they could; a platform drenched in music culture yet also focused on return on investment to enable music creators and consumer brands to collaborate without friction to harness the power of music to reach their goals.”

And fast-forward to today, @TheMusicDA has become one of the fastest growing music platforms in the world. That rapid growth is a result of a combination of cutting edge and exclusive in-house developed technology, unmatched brand-building expertise, social media savvy, and our unparalleled network of influential media and music industry contacts. And now, we would like to give artists and music creators access to our platform to successfully launch their careers. As we say

“Everybody’s got music in them. What separates real musicians is the level of care they place in their craft.”

So if you are serious about your music, why not get the very best team behind your name? With our multi-faceted services, we can help you create a movement from the ground up, starting with your music.

So are you ready to take your career to the next level? Let’s get started.


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    Streaming Promotion

    Exclusive song placement across top streaming services and websites with Guarantee that your songs are heard, get into more playlists, and increase your artist and playlist followers.

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    Digital Branding

    We've developed our own systems that are exclusive to us that will help you drive targeted traffic to your projects.

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    Press Release

    We get your story onto major news sites like Associated Press, New York Times and more. We also distribute your news releases to more than 250,000 subscribers and as many as 30,000 bloggers and journalists.

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    YouTube Video Promotion

    With our growing community of targeted music subscribers, we'll drive real organic traffic to your YouTube video leading to thousands of views, likes, comments, and social shares from real users.

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    Soundcloud Promotion

    A great way to get organic listeners and exposure for your latest Soundcloud song is with a music blog submission. We offer a 100% organic music promotion experience designed for any and all genres.

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    Twitter Promotion

    We post your content on our Twitter account(s) to to take advantage of our very engaging (retweets, likes) following to generate a buzz around you and your music.

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    Blog Placements

    We'll submit your video or track to music blogs around the world. Which blogs will pick it up will depend on how good your content is and where your brand is at the moment.

 *Delivery Disclaimer: We usually complete delivery within the allotted timeframe; however, since do not control how people engage with your content (song), some campaigns may take longer to complete. Regardless, be assured that we'll push your content until those guaranteed KPIs are met.


Get Your Name Out There.

Targets over 350,000 potential fans via social media.

Twitter: (1 audio track, short video or link to soundcloud)
- will promote until at least 100,000 impressions

YouTube: (1 video only)
- will promote until at least 10,000 Views

Soundcloud: (1 track)
- will promote until at least 10,000 plays

#MusicTweetChat Featured
- Our newly launched #MusicTweetChat will hold live Twitter interview with music industry personalities such as artist, musicians, music creators, A&Rs, and other pros.

*DELIVERY: Within 30 days


Superstar On the Rise! @TheMusicDA Becomes Your Team

Get the entire @TheMusicDA machine working for you to target over MILLIONS of potential fans and we guarantee that you'd be bound for nothing but success.

Music Development
- come with your idea for a single, EP, or album and we carefully select a team of experienced producers, songwriters, mixing and mastering engineers, vocal coaches and all other professionals needed tailored to your project based on target audience, genre, message, sonic identity et cetera; all guided by a project manager working with you in state-of-the-art recording studios to translate your ideas into commercially-viable music from start to finish.

Branding & Music Marketing:
- our brand strategists and business developers carefully tailor a narrative and image for your brand that authentically represents who you are as an artist or music creator. And our experienced marketers and publicists develop and implement a full fledged marketing plan to best present you and your music in ways that connect with millions of potential fans, music supervisors, A&Rs via social media, music blogs and websites, streaming channels, radio stations, press releases, blog placements, sync licensing, merchandise, tours, events to get the whole world know the superstar that you are.

Brand Partnerships & Label Submissions
- We'll prepare and pitch you for partnerships with the right brands as well as formulate and implement strategy to make sure that you get the most out of such a partnership. We'll also leverage our relationships in the music industry to get your music in the hands of people that matter in terms of labels.


*DELIVERY: Depends on project.

Frequently Asked Questions.


Music Promotions Questions

Our policy is simple: if you are not satisfied with the results, we’ll give you your money back.

  • After you sign up, our Operations Manager will get in touch with you within 48 business hours to schedule an interview with our team, including Music Director, Publicist, Marketing Manager depending on the service level. The meeting can be done in-person at our offices in New York City or on conference call. At the meeting, our team will gather information about you and your project, as well as your goals and timeline.
  • Our team will go and do more research on the current state of your music and develop a strategy to get the best results in relation to your goals. After which, we’ll have another meeting with you to present and get approval of the strategy.
  • Once approved, implementation begins. During implementation, you’ll have progress report meetings at set intervals based on the project.



Please contact us if you have any questions about any of our services.

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