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Radio Station Playlist and Brand Endorsements

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How do I get brands and advertisers to use or feature my music (endorsements) in their TVCs and how do I get my music playlisted on International Radio Stations?


You need to find Music Publishers that accept your style of music and submit to have your music entered into their data bases where companies seeking music for tv / film etc search for music to license.

There are submission processes and they all require high quality masters with the author copyright holder the only one that can submit the music.  If and when approved, they list your songs into the data base with search criteria.  It is a pretty slow process but once you get approved by a good music publisher and your songs are searchable you are in the lottery to get your music licensed.

These are the go to people that TV  and Film people use to find music for their projects so make sure your music is completely clear to legally license and start submitting and see who you can get to accept your music.

Just start with the google search for music publishers in your genre of music and go and read their submission policies etc.

For International radio, I would highly suggest you contact the Publishers of the bigger Music Magazines and get some reviews of your band / music in the magazines there and then go and submit also to the radio sponsors in the magazines.  Most times if they like you enough to write a review they are open to some radio play as well.  I love working with the International music community. They are always hungry for new music and bands.

Hope this helps.


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