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Bringing Music In Front of Ears of People That Make A Difference

The music showcasing phase is a post-production phase, which involves many processes and activities aimed to presenting the content (music) created during the production phase to different audiences for different purposes. Such purposes may help the artist career progress in various ways such as building a fan base,  getting a major label deal, getting an independent label deal, getting private investment and more.

In our music showcasing program, we create various platforms to present our artists music to various audiences as a means to create opportunities for both the artists and brands. Such platforms include, but not limited to, networking events, sponsored events, meet & greet, listening sessions, live performances, touring, and licensing. There are many ways that brands and partners can be involved and benefit from our music showcasing.  Corporate and music industry brands such as cable/televisions networks, radio stations, and content media partner with us for strategic purposes. We also shop our music catalog for licensing opportunities via our multimedia partners.

Networking Events

We organize and host events that bring music industry stakeholders and taste-makers as well as corporate brands together. Our goal is to help artist and brands connect with executives and personnel from radio stations, cable networks, blogs, film multi-media companies, DJs, and many more.

Listening Sessions

After we develop our commercial ready content, we set up a listening session for the artist. The listening session is a small intimate event hosted at the studio where we strategically invite music industry professionals. These professionals will give their opinion on the project we created. The artist will get a chance to get a direct response while organically creating relationships within the music industry.


We shop our entire catalog for licensing deals. We aim to shop our catalog on a quarterly basis. We target the following:

  • Movie/television multimedia studios,
  • Marketing and advertising agencies
  • Record Labels
  • Media Outlets
  • Radio Stations
  • Film Multimedia Studio
  • Cable Networks
  • App developers & publishers
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