The Music Strategy Behind Faking It Til You Make It

Does faking it til you make it work as a music strategy? Science says it does. Become the artist you picture yourself as.

Most people have heard the phrase “fake it till you make it.” But does faking success actually help you really achieve success? The music industry can be filled with up and coming musicians who can tend to act more successful than they are. Many times it is to actually build their success. However, is it more detrimental or helpful to your career to follow the phrase “fake it till you make it?”

Faking success until you achieve it is a unique music strategy that has proved useful to many musicians. There have been numerous scientific studies done and researchers have found that acting a certain way allows your brain to “rehearse” certain behavior which can lead to a successful chain of events in the future. While on your way to having a successful career this can be extremely important as it allows you to push yourself with confidence and build an audience. With these music strategies, you are well on your way to more than simply faking your stardom.

The most important part of the music strategy, is to always have a smile on. Whether you are singing to a crowd filled with your family, a few people or a sold out house, take whoever you are performing in front of and act as if you are performing and the VMAS. Sing your heart out and keep a huge smile on your face. Your happiness with radiant onto the audience. When people leave a concert happy then they talk and post about it, which will only lead to a larger fan base for you! According to Psychology Today, the effects of a forced smile last for four minutes so, it should also help if you suffer from stage fright!

Another important part of the music strategy is to dress the part. If your music career hasn’t taken off yet then you most likely won’t be able to afford expensive designer clothes but that doesn’t mean that you still can’t dress the part. Make sure that whenever you are performing or meeting with important music executives you wear something that makes you feel confident and powerful. Confidence will go a long way in the music industry.

The last aspect of this music strategy is to mimic good leaders. As you take the time to look through how people have become successful, you will see that they got there not only because of their talent but, also because they were good to their team as well as their fans. Find a musician with good morals and good habits and try to follow their lead. Don’t lose yourself or your individuality trying to be successful. The world already has one Janet Jackson or Taylor Swift, we don’t need another one.

In conclusion, your mind can be a powerful thing so try to look for the positive in any situation so that you don’t sabotage your own career with a negative attitude.

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