Music Strategy: Five Simple Ways To Stand Out As An Artist

Standing out as an artist can be hard. How do you do it successfully? Find the perfect music strategy to help you. 

Musicians need to have fans that are dedicated to their craft. Dedicated fans have a greater likelihood of purchasing merchandise and attending concerts. Having as many fans as possible ultimately helps one grow and sustain a musician. What music strategy can you use to stand out as an artist?

Constantly Create New Music

Don’t stop creating new music as it’s how you can always draw listeners in. Sometimes it may need to be given away as a bonus offer for signing up to a list or attending an event. Creating new music can be a daunting task and inspiration doesn’t always come quickly at hand. Maybe you just don’t want to work hard on original content just to give it away for free, but think of Chance The Rapper and how he was one of first artists to use this music strategy to be successful without a label and look where he is now. Recording or performing a cover of a song is a great way of producing fresh content without involving too much original branding. Changing the way that cover is performed can also help by bringing fans of the original to listen to more of your music.

Visually Captivate Your Audience

Don’t blend in with the crowd. Take actions that are unique to you and new to your fans. As you create songs, videos, performances and other acts, bring amazing visuals to the project. Nowadays, people want to be captivated with visual images that connect deeper emotions with the music. Promotion photos are incredibly important in catching someone’s attention for longer than 3 seconds. Music videos for your original songs are great, but it may not be effective to shoot a new music video every couple months. Try creating videos of behind-the-scenes or day in the life kind of feel. Use short snippets to keep people interested and build excitement. With social media you can even do live videos of you in the studio or behind the scenes.

Utilize Social Media

It could ultimately be the best music strategy with modern day musicians. As social media is something everyone is on, it’s great to use it to interact with your fans and post updates that stimulate conversations. Using different platforms of social media can be quite time consuming, but the energy is hardly ever wasted if you’re meaningfully interacting with people. Sometimes it could be something as simple as a like or a short comment on a picture. Interacting with listeners using social media gives the impression that you care about your fans and will build your following.

Take A Stand for Social Activism

Be active within a community. Find a space or subject matter that you are passionate about. This is a music strategy that has been used for quite some time. Take a stand on the cause through creating music, talking in interviews, or just speaking out about the topic. Being an activist to a social cause gives you the opportunity to use your artistry as a platform and be a catalyst for change. While participating in social activism, more often than not you’ll gain notoriety through your publicized actions. That notoriety will bring more listeners and potential fans to you.

Network and Connect with Influencers

Connect with celebrities and influencers on projects. Featuring a celebrity in a music video or a song opens possibilities for cross-fan migration. Fans of one artist can interact with another one. Bringing in fresh faces and showing them off can really help to gain small spikes of listeners. When you work with other musicians, you have a greater likelihood of gaining more fans.

Use the mentioned strategies or mix and match them to create the perfect promotion for your music. Take the time to understand your professional and creative position while trying to gain greater notoriety. The creativity that you use to create and produce music has to be applied to the promotion of your work as well. As an artist, you can some of the greatest freedom to bring your personal touch into anything that you do. Express that creativity and find multiple ways to stand out from the crowd of musicians to increase your followers and fan base.



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