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Collaborate with credible professionals to create commercially-viable music.

Quality music is the foundation for any music career for any musical artist.

Inspired by artists frustrated by the challenging process of assembling a credible music production team for their projects, we set out to empower emerging artists to create commercially-viable music by providing such artists with not only an opportunity to work with the same experienced professionals major record labels use for their grammy-winning artists, but much much more.


Handpicked professionals.

For each project, we handpick experienced producers, songwriters, engineers, studios, vocal coaches based on the genre, message, target audience, sonic texture among other things to make sure we produce quality and commercial-ready music for you..


Professional project management

Each project is assigned a music supervisor and project manager; both experienced in that particular kind of project to handle all the project needs for you, so you can just focus on your music.

Artist Onboarding

Opportunity to grow your network

Through our Music Showcasing program, artists we work with get exclusive access to collaborations, tours, events, meet & greet, listening sessions with music industry tastemakers such as DJs, A&Rs, music industry executives, music professionals, music investors for placements and more.

Music Development

Collaborative and creative environment

Our approach to production fosters creativity and sharing of ideas. The entire team, including the artist work together the entire process; feeding off each other's creativity and leveraging on each other's strengths to produce the best possible quality music out of you and everybody else.

Artist Onboarding

Additional monetization opportunity

In today's highly competitive music industry, we understand the need for artists to earn non-traditional revenue. Our Brand Partnership program gives exclusive access to artists we work with to earn that additional revenue and build your name among the corporate sponsors. Artists we work with also get exclusive access to licensing their music to advertising, film, television, radio industries and more.


Professionals of from all backgrounds

We assign music professionals based on genre, content, target audience, sonic texture, and message the artist is searching for to create that hit record.

All types of music professionals

Musicians, producers, recording engineers, mixing engineers, mastering engineering, vocal producers, songwriters, choreographers.

Stress-free environment

We provide a structured and organized platform that brings work without the hassle of finding gigs.

Collaborative environment

We understand that it takes a team of professionals to create a hit record, so we provide you an opportunity to work with other talented professionals.
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