Musicians and Music Creators – Brands Want To Collaborate With You. And @TheMusicDA Has The Key

Technology has made the media accessible to music artists and consumer brands of all sizes. The consequence of such democratization has not always been a positive one for both brands and music industry. The music industry has become extremely competitive, a phenomenon that has left both established and emerging artists with no choice, but to find new ways to earn supplemental revenue to sustain their music careers. See “What you, as an artist could benefit from partnering with brands.” For brands, the media has become cluttered and brand affinity has become a lot more personal for consumers. This forces brands to find ways to create a constant stream of content that is authentic, engaging, and entertaining in order to enhance brand loyalty. As a result, more and more consumer brands are turning to music as they understand that music has the power to connect with people on a deep and emotional level. Brands of all sizes are looking for opportunities to leverage music-inspired experiences to reach, engage and build long lasting bonds with consumers.

Although partnerships between consumer brands and music creators is nothing new, the need to make such partnerships more effective and sustainable is necessary now more than ever as brands and musicians rely more on the success of such partnerships. And whilst opportunities abound for music and consumer brand partnerships, careful planning and an adequate infrastructure to support such relationships and business opportunities is fundamental to attaining more successful partnerships. The Music Development Agency’s Brand Partnership program was developed with exactly that in mind: to build an infrastructure that fosters true collaboration, sustainability and accountability for partnerships between music and consumer brands to maximize the return on investment for both parties.

As a result of our unique approach and positioning, The Music Development Agency is signing up more and more consumer brands that are looking to connect and collaborate with musicians and music creators at all levels. Consequent to this influx, we are sending out an open invitation to musicians and music creators at all levels from all parts of the world to part in this opportunity to nurture, sustain and grow their careers.

How Our Brand Partnership Program Work.

Our approach was born out of understanding that there is a great deal of difference in culture, communication and work ethic between music and consumer brands and that misunderstanding how each industry develops their strategy and quantify return on investment has been a major culprit for under-performing partnerships between consumer and music brands. We therefore begin by crucially matching an artist with the right brand, and then develop and implement a strategy that fosters true collaboration and optimized for highest possible gain for both brand and artist/musician/music creator. We think of Dr. Dre and Lovine’s Beats Electronics collaboration with Monster and subsequently with Apple when we think of almost perfect music creator and brand partnerships. Once a perfect match has been struck, our focus becomes strategy and of course music is at the center of that strategy. We believe that if the music isn’t great, if the fans don’t absolutely love it, nothing else matters. See “Music Development: The Foundation For Building Longevity“. The partnership must be built upon a strong foundation of commercially-viable music that truly connects with fans. Hence, our process begins with carefully selecting a team of experienced producers, songwriters, audio engineers for the project based on target audience, message, genre and application to develop that music specifically for the project. With great music in hand, we collaborate with the best marketing and publicity minds, technologists, tastemakers on strategy and implementation.

How You Can Get Started.

The first thing to do is introduce yourself to us. You do that by registering on our site, complete your profile and request verification. You may find information about how to do that here.

What To Expect

After submission of your completed profile, our onboarding team, sometimes along with brand managers will look at your profile to determine if you are suitable for any current or upcoming projects. If so, you will be contacted, so be sure to input valid email and telephone that you can be reached at. If your profile is not suitable for any current or upcoming projects, your profile will be tagged with keywords such that when a project that suits you comes up, your profile is flagged.

We can also help with preparing you brand partnership. Please see “How can artists build a successful partnership strategy to interest brands?

So get started and be on your way to nurture, sustain and grow your music career. Register

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