#MusicMeetsVR, A Music And Virtual Reality Event You Don’t Want To Miss

We have teamed up with VR World and various NYC based rising musicians to give you an experience you won't want to miss.

Join us at VR World, steps away from the Empire State Building (4 East 34th Street) on Saturday, January 27th from 8pm-12am for the hottest virtual reality music event in New York City. An event unlike any other, get ready for #MusicMeetsVR. This is the first event of its kind that is merging virtual reality and live performances from Audubon, Iris Lune and FVRTHR.

Virtual reality has not only been growing in the gamesphere, it has also started to become a part of music. Artists like Sigur Ros and Queen have both taken VR and used it in multiple ways to incorporate their music and fans, treating them with opportunities to see concerts they wouldn’t be able to attend or be part of interactive music videos. However, music and VR still have much more to bring to the table. This is where Founder & CEO of The Music Development Agency, Brian Graham, knew an event like this was a must.

Part of what makes music so powerful is that it opens up a portal to our emotions and allows us to experience the journey together with the artist. That experience becomes even better if it includes all our other senses. Imagine music that you could not only hear, but also see, feel, touch, and smell. Virtual and augmented reality technologies have the power to truly bring a complete and fully immersive experience music was meant to be.” 

With a General Admission ticket you will be able to play all VR games while enjoying live music and having a great time. The purchase of the VIP ticket experience you will allow you to meet the artists, hear exclusive music and take pictures with them, while the Ultra VIP experience will allow you to enjoy cocktails on the house, exclusive listening sessions to unreleased music and even an opportunity to play VR games with the artists.

Get your tickets here! 

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