Nicki Minaj Sets Twitter Ablaze with Paper Cover

Paper magazine has set the internet into a frenzy again after the release of their newest cover which features rapper Nicki Minaj. 

Rapper, Nicki Minaj, is breaking the internet harder than anyone else has with her Paper magazine cover.

The photo, shot by claimed photographer Ellen Von Unwerth and styled by Minaj herself, features the singer not once, not twice, but three times over in three different, highly revealing outfits. Each incarnation of Minaj is interacting seductively with the other, with Minaj in the top-right corner draped over Minaj in the center, who is entirely topless beside two teeny-tiny pasties covering her breasts. The third Minaj is in the bottom-left corner with her back facing the camera, her face positioned towards Minaj in center’s crotch. The Paper December issue featuring this cover is being referred to as their “Break the Internet” edition, as the only other time they have “broken the internet” was with the Kim Kardashian-West issue in 2014.

Paper dropped the cover photo unsuspectingly on the public Tuesday evening via their twitter account. Earlier, Minaj posted an erotic video to her account, confusing fans as to what it was in reference to. It wasn’t until the cover photo dropped that it became clear the video was a behind the scenes sneak peak of the photo shoot.

While the risque cover is certainly generating plenty of its own controversy, this is not Paper’s first rodeo when it comes to controversial/risque magazine covers. The last time they had a “Break the Internet” edition it resulted in the now-infamous, highly controversial at the time full-frontal of Kardashian-West. That photo shoot, perhaps most famous for an image of Kardashian’s bare bottom revealed, in many ways initiated the “Break the Internet” craze. As Minaj is clothed here (albeit barely), it’s hard to say they’ve outdone themselves here, but they’ve certainly come close and Kardashian-West herself even gave her approval, leaving three flame emojis.

Minaj is beginning work on what will be her fourth studio album, following up 2014’s massively successful “The Pinkprint” which “Anaconda.”


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