Protect Yourself And Monetize Off Music Distribution

Monetizing off your music isn't easy. Knowing about music distribution will help you keep 100% of your music and make money. But what sites can you trust?

The phrase “starving artist” may be a cliche, but it feels more appropriate now more than ever. While music distribution services on the Internet have reached an all-time high and are continuously on the rise, artists are finding it difficult to make some monetary gains from their creations.

Online music distribution services like YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud and Apple Music all give musicians the chance to reach out to audiences with their music. However, as soon as monetization and contracts allowing artists to start earning for their creations, red tape and clauses lacking transparency abound. Artists don’t get to choose what percentages they earn from advertisements, purchases or audience views. YouTube, for example, doesn’t allow uploaders to start monetization until they reach 10,000 lifetime views on their channels and artists receive royalties from Spotify based on an algorithm involving streams and the artist’s own royalty rate. Royalty rates in turn, rely on how popular the artist is. These clauses, coupled with the already hostile environment in the music industry towards anything that won’t immediately turn a profit, make it difficult for the budding musicians to make any sort of monetary gains from their work.

This is where you need to be careful on how you choose to distribute your music. As it gets harder to make money from streaming sites, you want to make sure that you are working with a music distribution site, company or label that helps you make money and not lose it. Sites like LANDR and  Vertz and their Initial Song Offering (ISO) are great as they work in a very hands on way with the artists. Vertz, a Blockchain company founded in Los Angeles in 2016, is starting a music distribution service that will allow artists to choose the percentages they earn from advertisements and purchases made by their fans. They can even choose how much they charge their friends and relatives when they want to purchase songs. With LANDR you get 100% of your sales and rights, which is exactly what you want as a musician, especially early on in your career. MondoTunes is another great site that is basically your one stop shop for everything you need to do with your music and you keep 100% of the rights to your music. MondoTunes is also the largest distribution channel in the world. 

There are many sites available for artists to use in order to keep 100% of your music as well as continuing to make money. Before you jump at the first dollar sign you see, remember to read into every detail of all contracts whether in person or online.

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