Reach the World In Streaming: New Trends In The Music Industry

The trend in the music industry works by reaching the world in music streaming

The trend in the music industry works by reaching the world in streaming. Although is well known that companies need to engage the public, and nowadays it is obvious how building an audience should be helped by social media,  what is not  clear is how other options have been growing in the last two years. Taking a look in Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat  we see how live streaming  have become  a reality for audiences. 

Additionally to content marketing and social media,  streaming, specially video streaming, is reaching the first position in this savvy ranking of embracing new customers.

According to the market trend, streaming marketing is a hot spot for business because advertisers  focus on their target  audiences through streaming applications like Twitch or Periscope gaining a better wide of not only  public, but also potential customers.

Despite the open possibilities of streaming, devices use is archieving a tremendous growth with special attention in smartphones.  From this year to 2020 60% of all video content will be watched by mobiles devices as well as video in computers, and a variety of devices will rise 27 % per year over the same period. That means streaming video in mobiles is a fact, and companies should be aware using this as a market lead. The more content accessibility is given, the more public wants to access to it. The new generation is conducted by the immediacy and fast consumption specially when we talk about sports, music, events, or showcases. Millennials, and specially the next generation, watch a video, look at a picture, and even more important sharing them before anything else. Furthermore, they post in social media and the content becomes quickly viral.  As far as that content/ video is interesting the concept will help the brand as well, and setting it into an audience.

Video excites people and maintain them expected, so  if we expand that to  the company strategy, a corporation is allowing them to be part of something as a broadcaster, and everybody wants to be one.hands-smartphone-taking-photo-festival-antique


Virtual is the New Reality

            The possibility of enhancing new public into customers is followed by those companies who assume the TV and cable detriment in favor of streaming video.  Entertainment is within a new transgression of reality as social media have been demonstrating with a sense of community, and video streaming fits in the role of ¨everywhere every time¨ entertainment.  As a consequence,  a  new trend is appearing  in order to get the attention of those customers who  want to be part of the community. Their opinion and participation in social media, chats, poll, and specially broadcasts delivers information to other customers.

If we talk about events either for a company or an artist, 30% of the people who watch a live streamed event will assist to that event next year as Digitel asserts because that streaming develops a sense of connectivity.  Indeed, this is already a lead for the company or the artist, and the potential is sharable content that self- explains what the real and current situation is in that event. Viewers can spend their time watching streaming videos more than ever before,  which means the possibility of targeting ads through that content, and turning their audiences preferences into video reality. As Tasty has showed never before watching  a fruit slicing has been so interesting, so that is the reality.


Music In Streaming

In what pertaining to the industry, nothing is more attractive for music lovers than the live experience of artists performing, giving speeches, streaming their creations, or their lifestyles. Fans want to live the whole music experience,  and streaming platforms do it possible and accessible.  Additionally, according to Billboard magazine, revenue from streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music is taking over the number one source of artists’ sales, which means independent artists are nowadays making money for their music through streaming platforms such as Spotify or Youtube, and that revenue is growing from 2015 when it represented just 32%. If we could visualize that in the future, we would say artists will stream their careers as much as they find support on it.

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