Rock ‘N’ Roll’s Contribution To Music Development

Music will always be an escape and there is one genre that has been able to keep the spark alive in fans with their constant music development.

Music development over time has been extremely important for everyone in the industry. It is what has allowed many artists to continue to stay relevant for 30 years and more and kept an audience that grows with them. For many years music has been an art form that has intrigued and attracted the ears of listeners. Some may see music as a way to help them get through the hardest times of their lives, while others see it as a way to enjoy the small moments that life brings. From heartbreak to making up, music has been the one constant art that has relaxed our ears over a period of time. It has been created in different genres by people from all walks of life who know how to touch the souls of everyone. Some genres are very soothing and soulful, while others have a beat that will awaken you and make you want to dance with it. One genre that has stood the test of time has been rock ‘n’ roll. It is a style of music that has taken on a life of its own, has continued to stay relevant through music development and has been made from different styles of music for it’s own unique sound. Rock ‘n’ roll has given this world a voice which is not of conservatism and judgment.

The History of Rock ‘N’ Roll

The roots of rock ‘n’ roll came from blues and gospel music. It was music that made people move their bodies and at the same time touched their hearts. Segregation kept many artists from getting airplay, but when producers started trying to find a white singer with an R&B sound, Samuel Phillips, a memphis producer, found Elvis Presley. Rock ‘n’ roll was a music development from the Big Band and Frank Sinatra sound, when it came along, it was nice for listeners to hear something different. After rock ‘n’ roll began spreading throughout the country, African American performers such as, Chuck Berry and Fats Domino, made their names known in the music industry as some of the best performers of all time. Unfortunately, during a time when a new genre of music was being introduced to Americans, many radio stations and schools had banned rock ‘n’ roll records. When the popular music genre started, it started among the segregated ethnic and lower class people, which made middle class America hate it. This emerging new sound, called rock ‘n’ roll, became known as the golden era.

Rock ‘N’ Roll Contribution

Rock ‘n’ roll still plays a major role in today’s music. What started out as a adolescent rebellion against the adult authority has turned into a popular musical genre for people of all ages. The music of today has been influenced greatly by rock ‘n’ roll, take Frank Ocean who credits his latest album, Blonde to his influence from The Beatles. Different genres of rock ‘n’ roll have began touching the hearts of many. Today you will find that there is heavy metal, classic rock, punk, alternative and grunge which are all uniquely different forms of rock music that have changed the way people look at music today. Many of the 1960’s and 1970’s dance fads are based off of rock ‘n’ roll songs from singers like, Chubby Checker’s “Twist.” Rock ‘n’ roll is constantly influencing popular culture and often times helps to start new trends that travels through different social arenas. Rock ‘n’ roll has also influenced hip hop and neo-soul music, which has grown to be musical genres loved by people around the world. Over the years it has shown that it can change form for the love of everyone and people from all over the world as they have all learned to respect and love rock ‘n’ roll along with the contribution it has made to all genres of music.



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