The Brand Partnerships Experience: How Brands and Music Work Together to Build Identity

Brand Partnerships
Brands work together in collaboration with music and artists to bring a better image and build identity

Brands work together in collaboration with music and artists to bring a better image and build identity. The music industry is commercially expanding in a totally different way from common actions such as showcasing and records selling contracts. Additionally to streaming and performing,  brand partnerships is becoming one the most important ways for artists to receive revenue for their music. According to Billboard magazine,  $2 billions in revenue reaches the music industry from the branding business. That includes $1.4 billion in sponsorship in the United States on music tours, venues, and festivals.


From a brand perspective, to sponsor an underground  artist has as many benefits as for the artist has to be branded.  Since both parties are looking for the same, rising  the awareness and breaking into new markets is the main idea for both to partner.


When customers  think about brand partnership, the idea it comes out  is identity. Nothing is more reliable than the authenticity of either a brand or an artist to make connexions, and work together because this is bringing credibility as well. A credible  artist fitting  with the brand is the most important  factor that influences the decision for the deal. In terms of branding, it is reporting how original the idea of both parties interacting is, and boosting their images to their audiences.

According to this, multiples partnerships might be effective if they reach  the right audience, so they become partners by mixing the adequate attributes to properly  target their audiences, bring identity and image, and grow.  Both parties should check what kind of affiliation they are able to do since the difference between  long and short terms partnerships recalls primary in sales. Long terms unions will have a more emotional and robust impact for the brand, so the image of the artists will be linked to that name and in reverse. Even talking about independent artists, the brand ensures the authenticity of its content by  exclusivity.  This is one of the better benefits of branding  because the ideas of both parties are covered, and it pussees the concept of reliability and  image. And overall  they should be both aware of their personal value as individuals to understand what they are offering to each others, and use it to reach their target audiences.


Nike And Apple. The two major American companies get together to set an even stronger image by knowing what runners want. Listening to music while  exercising and tracking their progress brought to the market a footwear line called Nike+ and Apple, with a microchip that fits into the shoes, and it is activated from their iPod or iPhone. This microchip will tell the user the number of calories burned, speed, distance, and time.

Back To The Block  Series. Billboard + 1800 TequilaCelebrities, great videos, and the offer of an exclusive experience. Houston, the Bay Area, D.C. and Atlanta are showed through the hip hop culture with the collaboration of Billboard magazine and Tequila 1800 creating a serie of concert series called Back to The Block . Artists such as  Oakland´s G- Eazy, DMV´s, Wale or Travis Scott have been some of the artists performing in the events.



Ministry of Sound and J&B . The UK club well known for their music compilations and electronic music created a bottle special edition of J&B whisky in France, and set the brand in a serie of clubs and launches positioning the brand as ¨the party whisky¨ for several years since 2015.


GoPro & Red Bull: “Stratos”. The collaboration between both GoPro, no just a  portable cameras, and RedBull, no just an energy drink,  has been great not only by establishing  themselves as lifestyle brands, but also by offering the value of fearless and adventurous to those who trust them. Specially with the campaign  ¨Startos¨,  in which Felix Baumgartner jumped from a space pod more than 24 miles above Earth’s surface with a GoPro strapped.




Genius & Spotify: “Behind the Lyrics”. Spotify, a commercial music streaming service, and Genius, a huge online collection of song lyrics music knowledge, co- brand  through the collaboration of a playlist in Spotify called “Behind the Lyrics.”  The collaboration shows the lyrics and a brief back description of why certain lyrics are the way they are. The first one was realized in January 2016 “Behind the Lyrics: Hip Hop” and it  contains  artists like Drake, 2 Chainz, and Rihanna.


Uber and Spotify. An unique experience for an Uber ride, this collaboration unified listeners with riders to offer a new perspective of waiting for an Uber car. With this partner, Spotify won a new excuse for their members to sign for a premium membership as well as gave Uber a differentiation over its competitors.


Snapchat & Square’s Snapcash: The collaboration between the growing social media app and the sending money company built a complementary brand image.  Through the association both enhance their future audiences, and amplify their respectives targets.


American Express  UNSTAGED: Artists In Residence. American Express has been working with some of the biggest music industry’s names such as Maroon 5 t, Taylor Swift, or Tim McGraw, and also bet for the underground and created American Express ´UNSTAGED: Artists In Residence´, bringing names such as the Australian pop singer Betty Who, singer-songwriter Mary Lambert, and British pop-rock quartet Rixton. The program includes interviews, premiers with the artists, and backstages experiences about the artist’s journey


Puma and Rihanna.  The brandship between Rihanna and Puma in 2015 is one of the most famous collaboration and branding since the Caribbean queen gains the connection with the  female brand audience. Puma has been reinventing itself through the years, but this link has been no doubt a great catch.



Calvin Klein, Kendrick Lamar, Fetty Wap and Joey Bada$$The stylist brand  Calvin Klein had for its 2016 Spring campaign models such as the hip hop artists Kendrick Lamar, Fetty Wap and Joey Bada$$  who signed on to give their answers to the hashtag #mycalvins “What do you do in yours?”. Their answers rocking social media as both, brand and artists,  did with this collaboration.


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