Tips and Tools To Making The Perfect Music Video

After you've made the perfect song you have to make a great music video, but how do you create something that captures everything you want and even more? 

These days having music videos to accompany your songs are just as important. It’s another way to get your fans excited to hear songs you have already released. It let’s them see what you were thinking while creating the song. Music videos also helps to build your audience and bring in new listeners. If you don’t have the finances to bring in a whole team you are the one in charge of making sure you get things done. That doesn’t mean your video can’t be just as high quality though! With the right tips and tools you can rest assured that your music video will be great.

  • Get a trustworthy camera that you know will create high quality work.
  • Have your friends involved with the making of the music video.
    • Maybe your friends have experience in producing videos or maybe they can act in them. Either way, this cuts costs in many ways!
  • Plan the shoot beforehand so the process is easy and your time is well spent.
    • Create storyboards so that you don’t lose sight of what your ultimate goal is
  • Make sure you have the lighting equipment you need in order to make sure each and every shot comes out how you want.
  • Don’t forget all the other equipment you will need the day of the shoot:
    • Tripods
    • Microphones
    • Spare batteries
    • Extra memory cards
  • While shooting get plenty of b-roll footage to use throughout the video

After the video is shot and you have all the footage you need, you’ll have to be well equipped with editing software. If you have a Macbook available, there is always iMovie that is easy to use. Another frequently used editing software is Adobe Premiere as well as Apple Final Cut Pro. The choice is yours, just make sure you or whoever is editing feels comfortable.

The best thing to remember is to stay creative throughout the process and have fun. Make the video you want and continue to learn and grow as an artist!


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