Tyler, The Creator And Vince Staples Announce Tour Together

It's about to get crazy as Tyler, The Creator and Vince Staples will be going on tour together this winter. 

If there’s any one thing that can be said for artists Tyler, the Creator and Vince Staples, it’s that they’ve got a lot to say and they’re doing it together on tour.

Announced today on Tyler’s twitter, they’ll be hitting the road as they tour their summer releases, Flower Boy and Big Fish Theory. They will also be joined by Odd Future member and longtime friend of Tyler’s, Taco, who will be DJing on tour with them.

Both albums are considered departures from their respective artists styles. Sheldon Pearce, a writer and music reviewer for Pitchfork, tracks what seems like an inversion of energies. In his reviews of both albums, released a month apart, Sheldon comments that Tyler’s Flower Boy “trades bratty subversion for reflection and self-improvement.” In Big Fish Theory, “Staples exudes manic energy, departing from the unnerving calm that marked earlier releases.” It is not uninteresting too, that these albums released in the summertime and which feature animals and flowers as stand-ins for humans, are going to be toured in the winter, coincidentally if not totally purposefully mimicking the backwards yet balanced transfer of manic energy and calmer reflection that has gone on between the two artists.

For this reason alone the relationship between Tyler and Vince has always been intriguing, and promises for a upended and brilliant show in the Flower Boy/Big Fish tour, which begins in January in Vancouver and ends in March in Milwaukee.

Tickets go on sale this Friday, November 17th.


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