How To Use Music Monetization On YouTube

YouTube is a great way to connect with fans using more than music videos. However, make sure you use their music monetization tools to your advantage!

Social media has been able to give musicians a real connection with their fans. It has also made music monetization easier for artists.

Nowadays, artists can get on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. and give their followers a glimpse at the lives they’re leading. Whether they are own tour, in the studio, on vacation or releasing new music, fans have the ability to feel the biggest connection with their favorite musicians. However, there is one form of social media that allows artists to connect on an even more intimate level and that is YouTube. It’s been around for years, but it is one of the best forms of social media that really allows musicians to share more than a picture or one minute video.

On YouTube not only can one put out music videos or release new music. Here, they can also make videos talking to their fans and have them feeling as if they are actually friends and really know the artist. With more people coming to your YouTube channel, it also allows you to use music monetization to your advantage. You can direct your fans to your YouTube channel and the best part is you can start monetizing off your channel without having to pay to get your music out there, which is unlike other streaming platforms you have to pay for.

*Do know you must have 10,000 views on your channel before you can sign up to monetize, however, through promoting on your other channels you can definitely get there!

Now how to exactly start to earn money off your YouTube and connect with your fans:

  • Sign into YouTube, go to Creator Studio, select channel then status and features and under you can move your monetization to enable. From there you will follow the steps to accept the YouTube Partner Program Terms.
  • Head to Adsence and sign up! This is how you set up your accounts to start making money.
  • Set up your monetization preferences.
  • What ads do you want to run? This will also help automatically turn on monetization for all existing and future videos.
  • Start reaching out to YouTube sponsors. Up and coming companies will definitely want to collaborate and get their products or clothes out there just as much as you want to start making money off your videos.
  • If you’re already at 10,000 + views you’re good to go! However, if you’re still working on it once you get there make sure you get reviewed so you can start using music monetization on YouTube.

Although this process may take time, it’s free and really will let you connect with your fans in the most intimate way possible. It’ll drive people to your music and build your following!


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