[Watch] Lorde Covers Bruce Springsteen At Live Show

Finally back on the road, Lorde is back and surprising us with covers of some of her favorite songs. Who knew she'd cover Bruce Springsteen? 

Lorde covered The Boss, Bruce Springsteen, at her one of her recent shows in Christchurch, New Zealand.

After a 4 year break, Lorde is back on the road touring her most recent album Melodrama. Not only are we gifted with her music, we also get to hear her cover some of her favorite songs and at a recent show that included Springsteen’s “Man on Fire.” The “Green Light” singer, said it was a song that she was introduced to when she was about to record her album with Jack Antonoff, a New Jersey native and Springsteen Fan. Let’s also not forget that in 2014 Springsteen covered the singer’s famous “Royals” which put Lorde on the map. She had to return the favor, eventually.

While the song was mostly a cover, Lorde did end up putting her own spin on it weaving her own song, “400 Lux” from Pure Heroin, in towards the end.

At the moment Lorde is working on the first leg of the Melodrama tour in New Zealand and Australia and will come to North America in 2018 where she will be accompanied by Run the Jewels and Mitski.

You can find tickets to upcoming shows on her site.



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